Frequently asked questions

Why now?
The advent of personalised medicine requires the Baker Institute to evolve at a scale and pace never experienced in its history. The prospects of vast scientific advances right now, have led the Executive and Board of the Baker Institute to encompass a vision to be at the forefront of this exciting new chapter that will help everyone live healthier for longer.

Is the Board of the Baker Institute involved with the YOU Campaign?
The Board of Baker have been, and will continue to be, involved in the planning and implementation of the YOU campaign. As a display of leadership and commitment to this leap forward in the Baker Institute’s impact each board member has made a significant financial donation to the campaign.

Is my gift to The Baker Institute’s YOU Campaign tax-deductible?
Yes. All gifts are fully tax-deductible. See Tax benefits of donating for more detail.

Is my gift intention legally binding?
No, gift intentions are not legally binding and may be varied to reflect a change in circumstances.

Why are gifts encouraged over a four-year period?
A four-year pledge allows donors to structure their gift to maximise their taxation deductions and encourages larger gifts than would otherwise be possible.

Do I need to make my first gift payment immediately?
The Baker Institute will benefit greatly if your first gift is made as soon as possible, but any pattern of payment over the four years is welcome.

Can I specify a particular area of research that I wish my donation to support?
Depending on the amount of your gift, it may be possible to nominate your preferred research area. Generally, donors who wish to ensure that their gift benefits a particular strand of research are encouraged to discuss their options with our Campaign team.

How will my gift be recognised?
Unless otherwise requested, all gift to the YOU Campaign, and to the Baker Institute, will be publicly acknowledged. The Campaign team will discuss with individual donors the most appropriate form of recognition.

Is there an opportunity for matched giving?
If you would like to consider giving a challenge gift to initiate further gifts to the YOU Campaign our Campaign team will be able to discuss this option with you.

What happens to funds if the target is exceeded?
In the hypothetical scenario of the target being exceeded, for example through a gift being made unexpectedly when we have already made our target, we would consult with the donor to determine whether they would like to put it towards another area of the Baker Institute’s research initiatives and start a new discussion about other outcomes the donor could help achieve.

What is the consequence if the Campaign target is not achieved?
We would prioritise the allocation of resources and scale back the program if necessary.