A revolutionary approach

Personalised medicine
— a quantum leap in healthcare

Personalised medicine promises to revolutionise the way we treat heart disease and diabetes forever.

With emerging insight into disease mechanisms and new treatment options, now is the time for the cardiovascular field to adopt personalised medicine.

Personalised medicine is changing the focus of medicine from being reactive to proactive. It’s a shift in treating symptoms to predicting and targeting disease in advance.

With personalised medicine we will be able to make a precise assessment of your health to understand your risk.

We will be able to tailor prevention and treatment to match your unique make-up and response, resulting in therapy that will be more effective and have fewer side effects.

The future looks bright

Personal health signatures

A revolutionary approach

A personal health signature is a profile of an individual’s health status and chronic disease risk, which draws together data from medical records, biological samples and behaviour metrics and environmental data. Based on this information we can prevent heart disease and diabetes before it develops and intervene before you become unwell.